By implementing a corporate gym into the workplace, companies are not only improving the health and wellbeing of their employees but also increasing productivity, job satisfaction, staff morale and reducing the incidence of sickness and absence. Indeed, in an independent review led by Dame Carole Black and David Frost in 2011, 140 million working days are lost annually to sickness absence, with employers paying £9bn in associated costs.

As corporate gym designers we understand the value of well-thoughtout wellness strategies and the requirements on businesses to meet health and safety regulations, therefore as part of a comprehensive wellness offering we can work closely with businesses of any size to develop and design a corporate gym that will appeal to all employees and have a beneficial effect on organisational performance.



We offer a number of gym management options to ensure the smooth operation of company gyms and our well-qualified instructors can deliver gym inductions and fitness training programmes to ensure all employees are familiar with the office gym equipment.



An on-site corporate gym is one option in a number of wellness initiatives that can be implemented to improve workplace health. This can be complemented with the provision of on-site services such as physiotherapy, nutritionist consultations, health assesements, chair massage and small group classes such as yoga or pilates, or more high intensity classes such as spinning, thereby offering a fully-integrated inclusive wellness programme that all employees can access.


Creating studio space alongside a corporate gym will create a healthy buzz in any workplace gym and give employees options to vary their exercise programme to prevent boredom and ensure adherence. The increase in popularity of cycling has meant a growing interest in high-intensity spining classes, and this type of class is a great motivator and likely to be well-received by all employees.