Oct 27th 2018

A Quick Guide To Setting Up An Office Gym


The benefits of exercise are now so well-established that many businesses have begun to invest heavily in an array of wellbeing initiatives. One of the most popular is setting up an office gym. So, what steps should a  health-conscious modern business take to set up an on-site office gym to boost staff productivity and reduce absenteeism? Here’s  a quick guide to setting up an office gym that will ensure your office gym is up and running, literally, in no time.

1. Consult With The People Who Will be Using It

A gym where employees have been part of the decision-making process means that they will be invested in the gym project and therefore be more likely to use it and value the effort made by the company. It will also help generate enthusiasm for the project, provide the necessary motivation and ultimately result in a gym that works for everyone.

2. Select A Gym Consultant To Advise On Design And Equipment Selection

Whilst it’s not essential to get outside help, especially if you’re just installing a few pieces of equipment, it pays to speak to someone who will be able to advise on the process. They will help you choose the best possible location for the gym, advise on fit-out costs, and give you all the various office gym equipment options to suit your budget.

3. Make the Space Bright And Use Motivational Messaging And Imagery

Whilst a degree of restraint is required in setting up an office gym it doesn’t mean the space has to be a sterile environment that neither motivates or encourages staff to workout. Try to set up your office gym as close as possible to the perimeter of your building, where natural light can flood into the space. Natural light will provide a natural boost to employee wellbeing. Where this is not possible then add colour to walls, and use motivational and inspirational messaging/imagery. Choose an array of colourful gym equipment as a contrast to the office work environment.

4. Make the Gym Inclusive So Everyone Will Feel Comfortable Using It

Create an office gym that everyone will feel comfortable working out in. This can be achieved with smart design and clever zoning so even the most gym-shy person can exercise comfortably without feeling self-conscious. This includes the design of the changing rooms ensuring there are enough private changing facilities.

5. Provide Comprehensive Gym Inductions and Health and Safety Training

Providing a state-of-the-art office gym for your staff will work more effectively if they are coached in how to operate the gym equipment and are familiarised with all aspects of health and safety in the gym. This is best achieved via one-to-one gym inductions with a qualified fitness professional, and clear signage that educates and provides useful reminders on how best to remain safe when using the gym.

6. Regularly Service The Gym Equipment And Consider Using A Gym Management Company

Office gym equipment needs regular maintenance to keep it working safely. Having the office gym equipment regularly serviced reduces the likelihood of equipment downtime and helps to retain the value of the equipment should you wish to upgrade it. If the budget allows, then having a gym management company operate the gym will relieve you of the headache and ensure the gym runs smoothly and efficiently.

7. Encourage Adherence By Introducing Incentives And Competitions

It takes more than shiny new gym equipment to keep staff going regularly to the gym. So, introduce fun strategies that will encourage employees to use the gym consistently. This can take the form of incentives or fitness competitions and challenges between departments.

Follow the above steps and your office gym should be a straightforward process!

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