About Us

As a specialist gym design consultancy and luxury equipment supplier for both residential and commercial gyms we have established ourselves as one of the leading gym design consultancies in the UK. With a portfolio of gym designs ranging from boutique home gyms to luxury hotel gyms we can provide the expertise and experience to deliver any gym project.

Our People

Morpheus was founded in 2004 by Michael O’Rourke who after several years managing the Champneys Piccadilly health club saw the need for bespoke training programmes in well-equipped motivational spaces. This expertise in developing and providing bespoke gym programmes saw him establish several private gym sites in central London. This service was developed further for clients who wanted bespoke gyms in their homes and from these small beginnings Morpheus¬† grew to offer a broader gym design consultancy service for individuals and businesses who wanted gyms in their homes or workplaces. Michael still oversees each gym design project and his industry experience and fitness background gives Morpheus the knowledge and expertise to plan, design and fit out gyms of any size or scope.



We have strategic partnerships with architects, builders, spa consultants and gym equipment suppliers which ensures we have all the requisite components to deliver a comprehensive gym design service, from initial concept right through to delivery and installation.

Our Shop

We have carefully selected some of the best and most stylish luxury gym equipment on the market which we feel will give our clients and customers the most rewarding gym experience possible. Having spent 20 years working within the fitness industry and supplying all types of gym equipment to different sectors, we have identified the best gym equipment on the market that will provide a rewarding, and enjoyable experience.

We have not listed all the gym equipment we can supply but only the key pieces which reflect our philosophy and which are popular with our gym design clients. However, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a specific request or would like advice on a specific piece of gym equipment that you are considering purchasing.