If you’re looking to design a home gym with modern home gym equipment that is stylish, well-laid out and has some of the most technologically advanced, and stylish gym equipment in the world then we can help guide you through the process. We have fitted out a large number of home gyms throughout the UK, and will ensure every step is a smooth, straightforward process. ensuring it is delivered to your specific requirements.

Our dedicated home gym design team are experts at providing bespoke  home gym designs, as well as video walk-throughs, so you can visualise how your home gym design will look on completion.

We have extensive experience and knowledge on the best home gym equipment on the market and work closely with a number of leading luxury gym equipment brands, such as Technogym and Life Fitness. Together we are able to offer a home gym design service that is professional, bespoke and seamless from start to finish.


From the initial home gym design brief consultation we listen carefully to your home gym design ideas, and make sure we clearly understand what you would like to achieve. Typically, with each project we follow the steps outlined below.



Step 1 – Consultation

We initially ask you to complete  our gym brief design form. This gives us the information required to understand what you would like to achieve with your homegym. This covers areas such as the dimensions of your space, the type of flooring you would like, the colour of the walls as well as the type and range of equipment you would like.


From the consultation, we then prepare an estimate based on the scope of works and the equipment you need. The estimate is a total project cost to fit out the entire space. We would also advise on lead times for the project – when we can start and estimated completion date. If the estimate we provide is agreeable we would then move to the next step which is usually a site visit.


Step 2 – Site Visit

At the site visit we will take detailed measurements and photographs. We will discuss with you the scope of works required, and check access routes through the property to ensure that all the gym equipment you require can be delivered safely into the space.

Based on the site visit we would then provide a final quote and, in most instances, devise a layout/design giving you the chance to see your home gym fit-out with all the gym equipment in situ (the design can still be revised at this stage).


Step 3 – Sign-off

Sign-off on the quote, final design and layout of your new home gym. Orders will then be placed for new equipment


Step 4 – Work starts

We would start at the agreed start date, managing suppliers and fitters and ensure you are informed and updated throughout the process.


Step 5 – Completion

Your new home gym is now ready to enjoy!




Choosing the right home gym equipment is imperative to ensuring your home gym is utilised and if there are a number of different users with different fitness goals then it is essential that the home gym equipment satisfies the needs of all users.

We have the industry knowledge and strategic partnerships with the best home gym equipment manufacturers in the UK. Also, because we design and operate our own gyms with some of the best educated trainers in the UK, we can also provide you with detailed gym workouts and advice so that you make the most of your home gym equipment.