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We were contacted to plan the layout and supply of gym equipment to a home in London. The space we were asked to plan was in a newly constructed building close to the main residence. The ground floor of the new building was designed to be used as a leisure and gym space for all the family. The area set aside for the gym was relatively small so using smart wall storage and compact gym equipment that had small footprints was going to be an integral element of this project.


We were tasked with devising a layout and sourcing luxury gym equipment for the client’s gym space. The client wanted to maximise the available space, so where possible, wanted to have equipment that could be stored on the walls when not in use. This meant that not only did we have to source suitable equipment, it also meant working closely with the overall project designer and builder to ensure suitable reinforcement would be put in place to allow for a secure fixing and ensure the walls/ceiling could take the loads.

Gym Flooring

As the gym had already been specced for a wooden floor, and our client did not want to cover the entire gym floor space with protective gym flooring, we were tasked with creating a suitably sized area of protective floor tiles. This ‘island’ of gym flooring would be the designated platform for the use of free weights in the gym space. However, it had to be strategically placed, not be a trip hazard and also be a large enough to allow for the use of Olympic bars. We decided to use Pavigym’s Endurance S&S 22m thick gym tile as not only did it offer the necessary protection from dropped weights, but also this product offers a range of colour finishes which helped us match the interior finishes of the room. Also, the interlocking design of the tile allows for ramped edges to be attached which not only eliminates the trip hazard, but made it easier for equipment such as the adjustable bench to be wheeled on and off the matted zone.


Most of the luxury home gym equipment we installed apart from the treadmill and smaller items were straightforward but special care was required to ensure that the wall mounted storage racks and TRX X mounts were installed in the correct place to avoid plug sockets and power cables. Also, careful attention was paid to the location of the ceiling mounted punchbag as this had to be not too close to the treadmill but also not hang too far into the free weight training zone – a careful balancing act.

Home Gym Equipment 

The home gym equipment that we supplied and fitted in the gym were as follows.

Peloton Treadmill

NOHrD SlimBeam

Watson Adjustable Bench

7ft Olympic Bar | Olympic Weight Plates 20kg Olympic Bar | Quick lock collars

6ft Olympic Bar

Wall Mounted Barbell Hanger

Wall Mounted Dumbbell Rack & 1kg to 10kg Hex dumbbells

Eleiko Kettlebells (6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg)

Heavy Punchbag

Pavigym 22mm Interlocking Gym Flooring

TRX X mounts

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