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We were contacted by a home owner in Berkshire to assist with the conversion of their top floor spare room into a fully-equipped home gym/Pilates studio.

The client wanted to achieve a certain look and style to their home gym space. So, we started the process by sending them a mood board.  After several design revisions the client was happy with the overall look, design and style of the room. The gym would feature modern, stylish gym equipment, but include some heritage gym equipment.


Given the specific home gym and Pilates equipment that the client requested, full list of gym equipment below, and the relatively small area that we had to work in it was somewhat of a challenge to achieve a useable layout. After a couple of revisions we were able to provide the client with a layout they liked. We positioned the Balanced Body Pilates Reformer in the centre of the room. The cardio equipment, consisting of Technogym’s SkillRow, Bike and Cross Personal were orientated towards the TV. The free weights and adjustable weight bench were placed at the side of the room close to the mirror.

Aerial image of gym equipment laid out in home gym

Final Layout and Design


The choice of flooring was a delicate balancing act between a suitable, safe, and durable gym flooring and a studio-like floor. To achieve this dual-purpose effect we chose Luvanto Endure luxury design flooring. It has a high wear and anti-slip rating but also has acoustic backing to reduce noise. Given the gym was on the top floor of the house this was a very important feature! The choice of finish and colour was important to the client and they eventually chose a natural oak colour which worked well in the room, giving it a proper boutique studio feel.


The gym wouldn’t have been complete without a strategically placed mirror to check technique when performing exercises. So, we fitted one directly in front of the Pilates reformer and close to the free weights.

Home Gym Berkshire Gym Equipment

We delivered a range of luxury home gym equipment from several suppliers, with some pieces such as the Pilates Studio Reformer, imported from the US.


If y0u need some help setting up a home gym, or would like to view some of the home gym equipment we supply then please follow the relevant link below.