Rubber Gym Flooring

This heavy duty rubber gym flooring is the ideal flooring for areas where heavy loads will be lifted and dropped. Maximum protection for your gym floor, these heavy duty rubber gym tiles will allow you train safely and with confidence providing maximum protection.

High-density (heavy duty) and heavy enough (18.5kg each) so you don’t need adhesives to fix them. But for a better result we always advise to fix gym floor mats with adhesives. Easy to cut with a utility knife.

Tile size = 1m x 1m*

*Available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses

Best For: Ideally suited to garage gyms.



Rubber gym flooring – superior floor protection for your gym

  • Ideal flooring for ‘cross fit’ style gyms.
  • Absorbs the impact of heavy equipment such as free weights and medicine balls.
  • Non porous rubber – sweat and other liquids cannot penetrate into the mat.
  • Increases safety, as dropped equipment bounces and rolls less.
  • Helps to reduce noise levels.
  • Individual tiles can be moved and replaced with ease.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • High durability.

Additional information

Main Tile

Colour – Black
Size – 1m x 1m
Weight – 18.5kg

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Material Standard - Natural rubber with 25% NBR.
Surface FinishSolid textured
Product height20mm
Operating Temperature -20°C to +130°C
Resistance to chemicalsLimited resistance to chemicals and oils
Environmental ResistanceSuitable for wet and dry environments. Will withstand welding splatter and spillages of other hot materials
Installation MethodLoose lay interlocking tiles
Cleaning methodUse of hard detergents not recommended