May 15th 2020

Home Gym Spaces (Part 2) – Setting One Up

home gym set up

Gym’s Out for Summer!

Now that the gym is out for summer and possibly beyond, what can be done to replicate the gym experience inside your own home where space is limited. It’s one thing to push the kitchen table to one side and perform some push-ups, or use the living room coffee table for some triceps dips, but if you’re a serious gym aficionado then you’re going to need a well-equipped home gym set up.

Which Room Would Work Best for My Home Gym?

So, how do you go about setting up a home gym space? What is the best room to set it up in? How much home gym equipment will you need? Do you need a special type of gym flooring? Firstly, think about what your usual gym training routine involves, and what types of equipment you usually use. If you’re more of a traditional gym machine user – treadmill, bike, rowing machine – then you’re probably going to need a larger space with a solid floor which usually means a room on the ground floor or basement. In this instance it is worthwhile investing in some floor sockets strategically positioned so exposed cabling is kept to a minimum.

Thinking about and walking through what you would do in your local gym will help you not only decide on the equipment you need, but also help you choose which room would be best suited to set up your home gym. If other members of the family will be using it with you then ensure the space is large enough – you don’t want to be competing for mirror space!

Spare Bedroom Gym


If it’s a spare bedroom you decide to repurpose as a gym then there will be some limitations on what you can achieve. But with the right layout, clever storage, proper gym flooring, and the right-sized gym equipment you can create a space that works. If you like using gym machines and don’t want the inconvenience of loading and unloading weights on bars then a multi-gym machine would work be a sensible choice of home gym equipment – multiple gym exercises all in one compact, tidy machine.

Garage Gym

Repurposing your garage is a great space to set up a home gym, if you can find somewhere else to store the car and gardening tools! The basic structure is already there and with a few modifications – proper gym flooring, mirroring and smart storage e.g. wall racks for bars/dumbbells, sliding rails for punchbags, heating/ventilation/insulation as required – you can have a boutique private studio gym right on your doorstep. A lot of new cleverly-designed home gym strength equipment – such as power racks, squat racks – can be attached to walls and folded away when not in use, thereby creating extra space for more gym equipment, or to perform other exercises. Garage floors can be uneven and therefore if you’re going to be laying gym flooring make sure you have a decent sub floor by using a levelling compound first otherwise the floor may break at the joins when using an interlocking gym flooring tile system.

image showing set up of a garage converted to a gym

Smart storage in a garage gym

Dual Purpose Gym Space

What if you want the gym to be dual purpose? A home gym one day, an office the next. In this instance smart, easy-to-access storage will be key. Think of ways where small dumbbells and weights can be easily put away and taken out. Choose light adjustable training benches that are portable, or on wheels so they can be easily moved to one side. Select gym machines that fold up, such as a folding treadmill, or that offer a variety of exercises such as a cable pulley machine. Nothing should be too difficult to get out or put away, otherwise, the gym won’t be utilised. Light, free standing mirrors can be leaned up against a wall and used for doing focused dumbbell or floor work, and relocated as required. 

Folding treadmill

Basement gym, standalone gym building

If home gyms were to be compared to cars then this would be the top of the range model, with the highest specification and all the best features, built and designed to your exact requirements. If you have the means and the will then designing and fitting out your own home gym in your basement, or a purpose-built space is the ultimate home gym.

Having a blank canvas to start with gives you the scope to design a gym to fulfil your wildest gym layout and equipment dreams. Every aspect of the space can have your own personal stamp, from colour schemes to match the gym equipment, and motivational imagery to clever lighting and audio-visual technology to help inspire and encourage you during your home gym workouts. It will be fit for purpose in every sense!

set up of a basement

Basement gym

Making sure your home gym is fit for purpose, and going to become a permanent fixture in your home requires a degree of planning, preparation and careful execution.

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