May 6th 2020

Home Gym Spaces – Where Will Yours Be? (Part 1)

woman lifting weights at home

The long standing gag about buying a piece of home gym equipment for it to very quickly become a new piece of bedroom furniture, gradually disappearing under a pile of discarded garments, is in danger of becoming obsolete. People up and down the country who are locked down, with their local gyms shut and gym equipment denied, are setting up their own home gym spaces, and purchasing home gym equipment like it’s going out of fashion – and this time it won’t be left under the bed, or put in the garage to gather dust. A home gym revolution is well and truly underway.

The Gyms Are Shut But We’re Keeping (reasonably) Calm And Carrying On Exercising

For those who have fully embraced the gym experience, the closure of their local gym has been nothing short of an existential crisis. Fitness enthusiasts whose daily lives featured regular visits to the gym – to lift weights, do a spin class, a yoga class, or just somewhere to socialise with friends and let someone else manage the kids for an hour – have been dealt a heavy blow. Never mind they can’t go to their favourite restaurant, or have a haircut – missing chest and back day is the last straw!

Gyms have become as ubiquitous on high streets as a Starbucks or Costa. Going to the gym is now as normal a part of every day life for large swathes of the population as going to a supermarket. But, right now, exercising in gyms in all its forms, has been well and truly denied.

The Resourceful Great British Public

Not to be deterred by such an unexpected and crisis-inducing moment, members of gyms, health clubs, and boutique studios have begun creating and designing their own home gym spaces.

Here, for the duration of the lockdown and possibly beyond, they’re carrying on with their gym training routines as best they can, getting their daily fix of the good, happy-inducing hormones (goodness knows we all need some of those) that keeps them going back to the gym. And that’s not all. A legion of entrepreneurial personal trainers, yoga instructors, pilates teachers and Instagramgymfluencers’ have set up online to continue helping their loyal, dedicated clients to continue with their (home) gym routines.

Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even apartment balconies have suddenly become impromptu home gym spaces. Never before have homes been so utilitarian, and a nation so motivated to keep fit. If one positive thing has come out of the lockdown, it will be that more people in greater numbers have taken up the exercise habit. Be it indoors or outdoors, and despite the lockdown, the nation is moving like never before.


In Part 2 of this two part post, we will look at how different spaces in a home can be used as a home gym space. Whether it’s a temporary home gym space until the gyms reopen, or your very own private home gym, we will give you all the information you need to know to set up a home gym.



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