Jun 6th 2019

Elevate Fitness Trade Show For Commercial Gym Equipment

The UK’s Leading Trade Show For Gym Equipment, Elite Sports, And Health Care

We paid a visit the Elevate Trade Show to check out the latest commercial gym equipment and fitness trends, meet with existing suppliers, and to see if there were any gym equipment innovations that we could add to our portfolio of gym equipment for our gym design projects.

Functional Gym Equipment And The Rise of Cross Fit Style Training

The ever-increasing popularity of the cross fit style of training (combination of HIIT cardio with free weights) and human-powered training apparatus has meant an increase to the market of commercial gym equipment geared towards these burgeoning trends. So, self-powered cardio machines such as the skill mill, rigs, suspension training equipment and all manner of heavy lifting apparatus featured strongly at this year’s show.


Skill Mill












The fitness industry has evolved greatly over the last decade, leading to changes in the way people approach keeping fit and healthy. Never has there been a time when there have been so many ways to get in shape – and so many different types of gym equipment to do it with. Gym and private studio owners have responded to these trends and now dedicate larger spaces in their gyms for clients to train the way the want with a range of gym equipment.

Also, activities that were once the preserve of a small group of enthusiasts are fast becoming mainstream. So, we saw climbing walls at this year’s show. Boxing as a means to get fit remains as popular as ever and like the climbing walls has become increasingly mainstream.


Funky Climbing Wall


Space Age Technology For Rapid Recovery From Injury

Whilst most of the focus at Elevate is on  commercial gym equipment and ways to get in shape there were several stands that featured futuristic-looking pods focused on the recovery of exercised or injured muscles. It’s well known that the best way to reduce inflammation after injury is to reduce the temperature of the damaged or inflamed tissues. With a range of space age looking devices manufacturers were keen to promote the benefits of such cooling therapeutic interventions.

Space Age Recovery?



As always, the Elevate trade show was a fascinating and enlightening event which seems to get better each year. We’re already looking forward to attending next year’s show.

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