Apr 9th 2019

Push and Pull Your Way To A Stronger Fitter Body

Are you looking for a compact piece of home gym equipment that will provide all the exercises you need to need to develop greater strength and balance? If you are then we highly recommend looking at investing in a cable pulley machine for your home gym. It offers multiple exercise options, is easy to use and due to its compact design does not take up much space.

How Do I Choose The Right Cable Pulley For My Home Gym?

There are many cable pulley machines for home gyms on the market, and essentially they all offer similar exercise options. Typically, they will have TWO weight stacks on each side of their V shaped frames attached to two independent cable pulley systems. Also, most have the added extra of a pull up bar which is not only great for developing the back muscles, it can also be used as an anchor point for suspension training straps. The pulleys can be set at different levels to allow movements for different areas of the body – be it chest, back, legs or arms. This adjustable pulley system is what gives the dual cable pulley machine its uniqueness and all round versatility. In other words, it is a very useful piece of home gym equipment.

Life Fitness G7 Home Gym Cable Pulley Machine

The Life Fitness G7 machine featured in this piece ticks all the boxes for a home gym cable pulley machine. It is on the smaller side of cable pulley systems (L124 cm x W177 cm x H211 cm) so should fit comfortably in even the most smallest of home gyms. It’s based upon Life Fitness’s successful Health Club machine, so it has a good pedigree. Also, for a piece of home gym equipment it offers pretty decent weight stacks (73kg) so enough for even the strongest of users. The large adjustment handles and pop in and out mechanism makes for quick, smooth adjustments ensuring it’s easy to set up the cables for whichever muscles are being targeted. The horizontal bar across the top of the machine is a convenient anchor point for a TRX or similar suspension training system. With all these features and benefits it’s easy to see why a cable pulley machine is a smart choice for home gym users.

Life Fitness G7 Cable Pulley Machine


A cable pulley machine is a strong contender for the first piece of gym equipment on your must have list if you’re considering purchasing some home gym equipment. Make sure it satisfies the criteria outlined above, and if necessary try one out at your local gym. Once you learn all the different exercise possibilities and have all the different attachments you will have all you need to develop a stronger, fitter body!


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