Aug 14th 2014

Gym Design Ideas

Technogym Home Gym Equipment

Welcome to our gym design blog!

Here we hope to share helpful, insightful information on all things primarily to do with gym design, but also to delve into other ‘gym’ related areas such as how to improve your fitness in gyms, gym equipment, home gym ideas, and how gyms, and the way in which they are designed and laid out, are changing our gym habits, the types of training we do, and how we connect and interact in their carefully-crafted spaces.

Obviously, the pages ion our website give a pretty clear indication of what we do as a business, but aside from this we will aim to pull in all the various strands of gym and fitness related information from our industry background and knowledge to present impartial information on what is current, how and what gym equipment is in development, what their relative strengths and weaknesses are, and the best ways to decide which pieces of gym equipment you should include in your gym design project.

Of course, we would also like to share with you some of the projects that we have completed in the form of case studies, ostensibly to provide you with home gym ideas and showcase the latest luxury gym equipment on the market, but also to  be a resource for you to come back to check to help you plan and develop your own home gym project.

Whilst there are a large number of gym design orientated blogs on the internet covering a vast array of topics from how to set up a gym in your home, the best ways to maximize the space you have, and what type of flooring to choose, we feel there is not a lot of helpful insights into the different types of gym equipment available, and how to go about selecting the right pieces for you and your gym. We hope to change that by publishing useful unbiased information.

We hope you enjoy this resource and come back now and again to check out our posts (we will try to keep them regular!), the projects we have completed.

Healthy Regards,

Morpheus Gym Design Team



  1. Like your new gym design website, it looks fantastic! I look forward to reading future articles on home gym design and finding out more about the latest home gym equipment.

    Andrew on

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