Oct 18th 2019

Home Gym Design Project Berkshire

It’s a wrap! We have just finished a home gym design project in Berkshire. To see how it all went from start to finish read the full home gym case studyHOME GYM BERKSHIRE

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Jun 6th 2019

Elevate Fitness Trade Show For Commercial Gym Equipment

The UK’s Leading Trade Show For Gym Equipment, Elite Sports, And Health Care We paid a visit the Elevate Trade Show to check out the latest commercial gym equipment and fitness trends, meet with existing ...

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Apr 9th 2019

Push and Pull Your Way To A Stronger Fitter Body

Are you looking for a compact piece of home gym equipment that will provide all the exercises you need to need to develop greater strength and balance? If you are then we highly recommend looking at investing in a ...

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Jan 18th 2019

Home Gym Project Little Venice

This recent home gym design project was for a client in Little Venice. Click to read our latest home gym design case study.

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Oct 27th 2018

A Quick Guide To Setting Up An Office Gym

The benefits of exercise are now so well-established that many businesses have begun to invest heavily in an array of wellbeing initiatives. One of the most popular is setting up an office gym. So, what steps should ...

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Jun 4th 2018

Best Gym Equipment To Get in Shape For Summer

There are six weeks to go before you go on your summer holiday and you need to get in shape fast. But with a busy schedule and short on time, what is going to be the best gym equipment to use to maximise your time ...

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May 25th 2018

Garden Gym Building – A Space to Grow Stronger and Fitter

If you’re looking to set up a home gym but your budget doesn’t extend to digging up the ground underneath your home with the accompanying disruption, not to mention disgruntled looks from neighbours, then ...

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Feb 15th 2018

Home Gym Project Sevenoaks

This home gym project Sevenoaks was in an unusually shaped room so we had few luxury gym equipment options to choose from. But after careful measurement and accurate drawings we were able to supply and fit, just, ...

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Feb 15th 2018

Home Gym Design Project Hampstead

We recently undertook a home gym design project for a client in Hampstead which required a two phased operation. Firstly, the removal of existing home gym equipment followed by the installation of new gym equipment. ...

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Jun 19th 2017

Latest Home Gym Design Project

Home Gym Design London We recently completed the final stage of a home gym project at a private residence in London’s Knightsbridge. This home gym project brought fresh challenges, developed our relationships ...

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